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Get dark and ominous in Oliver Huntemann's latest techno LP 'Propoganda'

If you're a dark techno fanatic like myself, it's an amazing feeling when you come across a track that could've easily been in the Stranger Things soundtrack while simultaneously being the closing track of a 4 am dark melodic techno set in Berlin. "Anonym," the standout track off of Oliver Huntemann's latest LP Propoganda, shares the ominously monstrous characteristics of any sound you want in warehouse techno, with a touch of Berlin's industrial essence. Take a listen below.

The rest of the LP is filled with insanely hard-hitting techno, inching away from the more melodic frameworks in "Anonym." Each track has its own flare, but each more intricate than the last, with each having "the intention of taking the listener on an entertaining journey from sophisticated down-beats to uplifting Techno.” Propoganda is not for the light-hearted, as Oliver Huntemann explores the darkness of rumbling basslines, sinister synth design, and apocalyptic atmospheric elements, all while you fade into the clouded abyss of sound. 

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Downtempo · Techno


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