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Agallah Faro and Edo G collide to drop some knowledge on "Synthetic Thugs"

Without a doubt, drugs are a big thing in Hip Hop. Listen to any song, from any period, and there’s a good chance someone is making a drug reference. However, in recent weeks, a lot of that drug forward culture has come under fire thanks to the passing of Lil Peep. In his latest track, “Synthetic Thugs,” OG rapper Agallah Faro enlists Edo G to try and talk the new generation off of the synthetics. Peep the joint above.

Over a skittering and electric Agallah produced beat, Edo starts things off, ripping into the younger generation. After the chorus, Ag comes in to finish things off and make their message heard.

Honestly, at this point, we’ve all heard a lot of “old heads” hating on the “younger generations,” but Ag and Edo aren’t wrong. Weed is one thing but most synthetics have god knows what inside of them and can kill you, regardless of tolerance. In this case, it would be wise for everyone in the younger generation to peep the message of their old heads.

Agallah is gearing up to release his Agsquiat project in 2018. Until then, bump “Synthetic Thugs” above and remember kids, if it comes from the ground, it’s usually okay.


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