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Outr3ach and J-Marin take you on a melodic journey with "Worth It"

Vancouverite Outr3ach and Venezuelan J-Marin are two producers from across the world who forged a bond online, and are now collaborating on a track with vocalist Kaitlin Grace. The artists come together on "Worth It," a radio-friendly electronic track with a strong pop element.

Vocal chops are the focus throughout the track, meshing in melodic wubs with the topline. Mixing around with the pitches, listeners can expect to be taken on an emotional journey from beginning to end. Released on Lowly Palace and supported by Trap Nation, "Worth It" proves these talented producers are on the rise.

Connect with Outr3ach: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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Connect with Kaitlin Grace: Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify

Electronic · Future Bass


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