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Shmuck the Loyal's 'HISTRIONICS' EP is a bass-driven exploration of emotion

Nashville sound bender Shmuck the Loyal's newest EP HISTRIONICS is a trek into the depths of human emotion by way of bass. With intriguing sound design and a meandering composition of tones and moods, the four unique tracks paint an intimate portrait of the mind of the artist. The journey begins with the wandering, sensual R&B-influenced cut "Tempt." Shmuck brings up the tempo with "Slipping" - glitched out, cerebral, and sure to be favored by headbangers. The curious and hopeful "Adapt" beckons the coming of a new dawn, and "Endure" injects a dose of wistful nostalgia at the EP's close.

In the words of Shmuck the Loyal himself, “HISTRIONICS is a study and exploration of maximalism and dynamic structure in electronic music. The intention of HISTRIONICS is to provide an evolving, and at times abrasive, pilgrimage to a darker and more emotive side of sound.”

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