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Wild Child wants us to "Think It Over" with new single

Austin, Texas based folk-rockers Wild Child travel far and wide to chase their musical influences. A seven-piece band with Kelsey Wilson and Alexander Beggins. on lead vocals, Matt Bradshaw on keyboards and trumpet, Sadie Wolfe on cello, Tyler Osmond on bass, Tom Myers on drums, and Cody Ackors on guitar and horns, Wild Child has built a sprawling grassroots following. The recording of their upcoming record, Expectations, took them as far as Norway, where they worked with a score of accomplished musicians and producers. "Think It Over" is just a taste of the fruits of their labor.

"Think It Over" begins as a sultry and sinuous exploration of Wilson's vocals. I was admittedly worried how a seven-piece band could find their synergy, and I was happy to have been proven wrong. Each layer of the track sets a foundation for the next. The bass coils around the vocals, the keys insulate the atmosphere of the track. The percussion is driving, but not overbearing. The cello plays a subtle, full bodied role. Thus we get to the heart of Wild Child's success, each one of their offerings feels decidedly whole.

Of the track, the band say: "We recorded 'Think it Over' with Chris Walla in Tromsø, Norway, at the end of a long European tour. We rented a house on that small, snowy island and walked to the studio every day. On the very last night we had there, we stepped outside for a break and saw the northern lights. The whole experience was magical. Working with Walla was a true treat for all of us and we hope to do it again."

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