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WITTERQUICK bring sincere and unmerciful alt-rock sound in latest EP 'Fire and Ice'

Solid Alt-rock is hard to come by these days. Not that it doesn't exist or that it's no out there rocking sold out shows but because the popular sound of the genre that hits the charts can be so easily associated with cheesy anthem rock melodies and made for radio chorus'. So when I came across the UK-based band WITTERQUICK, I was stoked to turn my speaker up to eleven and rock out. In their latest EP Fire and Ice, the band delivers a symphony of modern rocks sounds by fusing together an onslaught of perfectly executed guitar riffs and vulnerable sounding chorus work. The biggest standout for me comes when you break down the various parts of their sound. And there's a ton. What drives their singles like "Shattered Suns" is the fusion of that catchy rock melody of a band like Jet and the unmerciful, hard-hitting drum and guitar work that erupts during each chorus. Check out the video for it below:

Nothing wins me over more than a band that takes full control of the tempo in a song and the attention of the listener. Throughout this EP, we find WITTERQUICK speeding up, slowing down, abruptly stopping and then hitting you with everything they've got k and it's done in such a seamless way that it draws you in. Then, when it's delivered with that raspy, vulnerable style vocals, you can't help but feel that this music is coming from a true place. 

After having finished up a sold-out UK tour opening for Nothing But Thieves, WITTERQUCIK continued to gain momentum as a UK alt-rock fan favorite across the charts. Their new EP, Fire & Ice, was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me the Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis, Twin Atlantic) and it currently out on Spotify below:


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