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Slow Dancing Society proclaim that "These Are The Best Days of Our Lives"

Washington-based producer and musician Drew Sullivan, a.k.a. Slow Dancing Society, explores the ethereal regions of music that aim to dissolve our own temporal markers and reveal the fleeting moments removed from time. His latest projects have involved crafting 20 songs split into four different EPs. From sensual, free-flowing ambient and instrumental dream pop to pulsing, Tangerine Dream-esque kosmische and sensual ambient-soul. At the moment, we will be looking into the title track of one of said EPs titled "These Are The Best Days of Our Lives"

Slow Dancing Society really does a number on our emotions with "These Are The Best Days of Our Lives". Built on thick, slow pounding drums that come straight out of the 80s, a dreamy pad, lush guitars and solid layering to match. The song aims to soothe and nurture its listener from the instant the play button is touched. We bet you will be in for more than a spectacular ride when you hear the full project.

Connect with  Slow Dancing Society: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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