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Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell set it off with "The Dash" [Video]


The back story of the duo of Lane Harry and Ike Campbell is an interesting one. Lane Harry was kicked out of his former band for "holding them back" while  Ike who was a grade A student studying aerospace engineering decided that path was not his ultimate calling. Fortunately for us, the two high school friends met up, started jamming and quickly found how easily they gelled as a rapper and producer.

"The Dash"  is the first single from their upcoming collaborative album entitled "Casablanca" slated for a 2018 release and it was co-produced by Daniel Dueque-Perez from The Griswolds.  The duo called up  Swedish filmmaker Nils Nilsson (Pirates of the Carribean, Aquaman, Kong: Skull Island) for the visuals which were shot on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Nils who was wrapping up the shoot for Aqua man at the time shot the visuals in two days and delivers a distinct grind-house aesthetic type video. Feels so retro and modern at the same time, he also throws in some hilarious action sequences performed by Lane and Ike who play rival characters.

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