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Kenton Slash Demon share dancefloor remix of "Florida" by The Range

Some people judge the quality of a remix on how well the remixer builds off the sounds of the original, creating something both familiar yet almost entirely new. Other examples, like this Kenton Slash Demon remix of The Range's sunny electronic banger "Florida", seem to be a remix in name only. It makes you scratch your head and search through the song like an auditory I Spy book trying to figure out what elements were in fact remixed. That being said, we are essentially getting a brand new song from the Danish duo, who appear on The Range's Remixes EP, which also features remixes of The Range and Jim-E Stack's collaborative 12" New Lots/With You from rising star Yaeji and D.K.

The remix itself is an introspective dancefloor tune with touches of IDM, skirting Aphex Twin territory with its metallic pings and futuristic synth chords. The song begins with a quick drum fill before the main groove is immediately introduced, almost as if it was edited down from a non-existent 10 minute club edit. Percussion ebbs and flows and ghostly female vocals haunt the remainder of the song while a series of impressive chord progressions keep you tuned in. All in all, it's another solid offering for any discerning electronic music fan.

You get a digital copy of the Remixes EP with every purchase of the New Lots/With You 12" which can be purchased here.

Connect with The Range: Facebook | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

Connect with Kenton Slash Demon: Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

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