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Yelle blend melodic pop-prog and electro dance sounds in "Romeo" [Video]

Led by singer and namesake Yelle (Julie Budet), GrandMarnier (Jean-François Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable) this group pull from modern electronic pop, disco sounds, classic trance production and more to craft an intoxicating sound that we can't get enough of. The latest single, "Romeo" is a brilliant composition of deep pop-prog sound and electro dance production making it equally danceable as it is blissfully melodic. Check it out below:

Yelle's sound is playful but contains an undercut of deep feelings that makes them so mesmerizing. They have this effortless, laid-back melody that makes producers like Daft Punk so popular. The various sounds, vocal work, sampling, a production that goes into this is quite complex but it's executed with such smooth delivery, you would never know. This is rich, luxurious electro pop-prog crafted together expertly.

The group found early success in France back in 2005 with the release of  "Je veux te voir", which led them to a record deal for their 2007  debut album, Pop Up. That was followed by their second album in 2011, Safari Disco Club, and a third, Complètement fou, in 2014. Over the years, they have played numerous sold out shows around the globe as well as appearances in the U.S. and appearances at Coachella. They've just finished their 2017 tour, stay connected with them below to stay updated on what they have planned next. 

Connect with Yelle: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

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