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Negative Gemini shares title track to upcoming EP 'Bad Baby'

We've written about Lindsey French, AKA Negative Gemini, before on EARMILK, and now she's back with a second single to her upcoming Bad Baby EP, which also happens to be the title track. On "Bad Baby", Gemini continues her trend of continuing down the path of a singer-songwriter, crafting stories rather than just songs. For those who found her previous single "You Weren't There Anymore" too much of a departure from the 90's house and rave sounds on last year's album Body Work, "Bad Baby" marries the old and new sounds in a more balanced way, starting off with a dark synth lead and fluid future garage beat. By the time the chorus rolls around, however, the electronic drums are replaced by some aggressive live drumming, which continues through the rest of the song, leading to an interesting and compelling juxtaposition of the electronic and organic. When discussing the song, Gemini shared with i-D :

"It is the only love song that I’ve ever done. It’s basically about falling in love and being really infatuated with someone — the feeling of getting swept up in something and living moment to moment, not caring about anything except for this other person and just having fun with them."

You can pre-order the EP on her Bandcamp here. The Bad Baby EP comes out January 19, 2018.

Connect with Negative Gemini: Facebook | Soundcloud | Website

Electronic · Indie · Synth · Synth Pop


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