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MILKK return with wintry synth-pop hit "Less Than 3"

This Friday morning, we're greeted with hard-hitting electro drums and a wavy synth melody courtesy of the rising pop stars MILKK. MILKK members Pat Kiloran, Jack Vondrachek, and John Ogelby joined forces across state lines to make this musical magic happen, but lucky for us they're making it work between Nashville, Tennesee, and St. Paul, Minnesota.

"Less Than 3" appears as their third single out this year via Good Time Records. We join MILKK in remembering a past love who's still around, but it's unclear if the relationship has held after all these years. Romantic feelings still exist on one side, and this track implies that it stands as the last chance effort to win their partner back. With a wintry and nostalgic feel, MILKK hands us a sculpted pop ballad sure to stir emotions within you. 

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80's · Dreamwave · Indie Pop · Synth


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