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Pomo puts an electronic spin on Hall & Oates's "I Can't Go For That"

When we receive emails toting a new remix or cover of a classic song, it's either an easy "hell no" or an absolute "hell yes." Holding a timeless song to a high mark is what we should do, and to have the balls to take someone on like Hall & Oates...well, at the very least should receive an A for effort. But we had high hopes for this new one from Pomo, as we've seen his finesse work on his own originals and thought he might have the right touch on "I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)." Pleasantly surprised, Pomo hooked us in immediately, with subtleties inflicted on the 1981 original that emphasize its groove, and timely reminders that this is an electronic remix - autotune and finely-tuned synth and bass work.

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