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Laura Brehm and Elliot Berger team up for "Believe"

Singer/songwriter Laura Brehm aims to inspire us listeners with her latest tune entitle "Believe". Besides being a feel good track, she adds a profound message to it as well, encouraging the listener to within in order to find the answers to the questions they seek. The making of the track itself physically brought Laura and producer Elliot Berger in the studio together for the first time ever and the two made it from scratch. While the two have worked on remixes in the past, this collaboration displays the true chemistry between them with Laura's soft spoken angelic performance glides over Elliot's dreamy/atmospheric soundscape.

 The Colorado native aims to bring her own unique touch to the pop/dance genre by mixing  folk music with electronic music.  She believed her unique blend of genres does not typically fit into any major label, nor does it with the EDM labels or indie folk labels so she created a place where the two combine, with music more on the experimental side rather than the standard pop hits.

Connect with Laura Brehm  : Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | WebsiteYoutube


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