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Julianna Zachariou sings about "Things I'll Never Know"

Indie singer/songwriter Julianna Zachariou (pronouced /'zak-uh,ree-yoo/)  drops her first single "Things I'll Never Know" which serves as a precursor to her upcoming full length album Meanwhile.  The single is a blend of soul, jazz and folk elements that would leave the listener enthralled from start to finish. Her vocal execution is immaculate, emotionally powerful and smooth.

"Things I'll Never Know" is definitely a solid outing by Julianna. For some unknown reason, what popped into our thoughts when we gave the song a full listen was its likeness to Carmen McRae's "You took advantage of me" (which is a good song to have as a similar vibe). "Things I'll Never Know" is the first of two singles (first will be released 11/17 and the next 11/24) leading to the release of Julianna's full length album Meanwhile on Dec. 1st.

Julianna is a Nashville based indie songwriter and artist who specialises in the soulful blending of a wide spectrum of musical influences, gathering sounds from artists like Jeff Tweedy, Emily King, Bonnie Raitt and Fleetwood Mac. Her work combines the gritty and exposed heart with portion of groove and whimsy, sailing over her songs with a voice that hosts vulnerability and a tone that harkens heyday jazz and modern indie rock. 

Connect with Julianna Zachariou   : Soundcloud | Facebook |Instagram

Alternative Rock · Folk Rock · Indie


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