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Air Stranger play a "Dangerous Game" on their new single

A four-piece band of rockers hailing from Vancouver, Air Stranger, merge their eclectic personalities with ease and have started making real moves in the Vancouver indie scene. Vocalist Guy Wilkins, guitarist Seb Chamney, drummer Eric Sankey, and bassist Colin Sankey, bring the best and most boisterous elements of funk and soul to their latest anti-love ballad "Dangerous Game."  

Led off by expressive horns and a decisive guitar line, "Dangerous Game" is an exercise in building tension. Wilkin's explosive vocal delivery belies the dark themes of the track. The horns work in tandem with the bass to build a soundscape that is as lush as it is textured. The band invoke catchy pop arrangements, but do so with a tasteful and classically driven ear. There's not a note out of place as the band capture competing feelings of intimacy and mistrust. During the initial writing of the track, Sankey's goal was to emulate the feeling of desperation at being ostracized by society through music. In the process of arranging the track for Air Stranger, it took on a life of its own, expressing the desperation of someone who feels lost in their relationship.

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