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Gina Kushka sends a "Prayer" with new single

South African-born visual artist, songwriter, and performer Gina Kushka delivers her haunting new single "Prayer," via Access Records. Now based in the UK, Gina has been making a name for herself as a rising star in songwriting, all while honing her craft. The subtle creep of "Prayer" proves her to be a quick learner. The song is the second single off of her upcoming 2018 EP, and comes with a set of harrowing visuals.

Gina's mixed media approach to artwork makes an appearance in the video, which is part period-piece, part optical illusion, part catalog of a darker past. Her vocals are reaching and emotive without being contrived. The body of her voice doesn't strain as she explores the boundaries of her register. Her singing scales the walls of the imagination in a moment where Gina can do nothing else but fight with her art. "Prayer" reveals Gina as approaching the edge, and with all of her strength tested, she hits a swell of emotional catharsis. The journey of the track is all at once familiar and otherworldly. 

Of the song, Gina says: "I wrote 'Prayer' when my anxieties were at their peak; they were entirely arresting and almost broke me. Writing music and making art is how I deal with anything and everything, so I wrote this song as an ode to myself. It was a letter to my anxieties, finally confronting and fighting them. I know that a lot of people suffer from anxiety as I do, so I wanted to share a message that might help people believe that they can also fight their demons and realize their self worth."

Connect with Gina Kushka: SoundCloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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