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DJ Snake & Lauv unveil visuals for "A Different Way"

Superstar French DJ DJ Snake and rising vocalist Lauv's song "A Different Way" has seen monumental success since its release, spawning a series of viral videos and tens of millions of streams worldwide.  The song's video is now available, and hopes to dance its way into the forefront of your heart.

Directed by Colin Tilley (Kendrick Lamar's "Alright", Future's "Mask Off"), the video takes the viral dance sensation around the song and splashes it with cameos from dance celebrities and YouTube influencers.  DJ Snake, one who is typically absent from most of his videos, can be found joining in on the fun.

In conjunction with the video, Snapchat has released a DJ Snake sticker pack, allowing fans to customize their media with content from the video. You can get the sticker pack by going here.

Connect with DJ Snake: SoundCloudFacebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Connect with Lauv: SoundCloudFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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