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Watch as Epoch Failure turn up the heat with their "Warrior's Hymn"


New Jersey duo Epoch Failure deliver the visuals for their inspirational anthem titled “Warrior’s Hymn”. The rap/rock fusion is an anthemic, upbeat song that dwells on battling the odds, realizing one's full potential and going forth to achieve set goals.
Teaming up with director Patrick Tohill on a stunning and literally fist-pounding video as it portrays the fighting spirit inside a warrior getting ready to do battle. The duo supply the chant and fierce solo shots as a beautiful female fighter moves to the rhythm of the song that will inspire anyone to fight, no matter the situation. The fighter’s fist tell a story of victory that the world can relate to perfectly. The video also stars popular Nashville’s Sidthilaw Muay Thai fighter Ashley Burns. Who steps in the fray showing her fighting spirit with a fury of combinations on the bag. Besides  being a fighter, Burns was a former rock star in a local Nashville band, Trampskirts on Supernova Records. 

Epoch Failure on the video:

“The lyrics are meant to wake up the warrior inside each of us, so we can face the “battles” in our own lives, and go after our dreams. There’s so much satisfaction when you achieve your goals by facing your fears and running the gauntlet. Do things your own way, stay true to yourself, and don’t depend on anyone else.” 

Epoch Failure's 'Warrior's Hymn' EP was released earlier this year and is a collection of street anthems celebrating the bold, the broken and the believers. 

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