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Icarus closes out 2017 with "No Sleep"

It's been fun to watch Icarus spread their wings this year. The UK duo - and brotherly duo from Bristol, of course - has released track after track that's caught our ears, as well as those of Danny Howard and Annie Mac, respectively. Their latest, "No Sleep," is out tomorrow via the venerated FFRR, and we have a first look at its video here.

The track itself is an interesting take on "No Sleep," with at our first assumption being related to the world of electronic music and its usually associated "no sleep" - all night shows and the like. But the feel of "No Sleep" is in reality one of a different feeling, invoking early morning dawn in a warm, welcoming, less exhaustive way. While you might argue that a sunrise at a festival or in Ibiza is also heartwarming, there's something more universal about the sound of "No Sleep," as it has a sing-you-to-sleep feeling. Its video has those same two associations, starting out with an impressive introduction to a new take on the 360-degree camera, this time in 180-degree focus. With mirroring edges, we're taken along a highway through dawn (or dusk). For someone like me who just went on a long road trip, this is a quick reminder of the soothing nature of a long, straight, uninterrupted drive. As our view of the video swirls, we can see chains off in the distance - McDonalds, Carl's Jr and so on - but this sprawling civilization isn't threatening or impeding to Icarus's tune, as the night sky encapsulates it all, and us.

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