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The Orphan The Poet releases new live music video for "Still Buzzin" [Premiere]

The Orphan The Poet have released new music video "Still Buzzin'" exclusively on EARMILK today, and along with the standout visual imagery, the video is a pun within a pun. Directed by Jordan Tomb and Hanna Floyd, the music video features a face covered in bees, and honey dripping on a toothbrush. The alt-rock gems also pay homage to their Ohio home base with some country-based imagery. 

On the music video singer David Eselgroth said, "When the idea of getting covered in 10,000 honey bees gets brought up for a song called 'Still Buzzin', it's hard not to laugh it off as a joke. Ridiculous, right? Where would we get 10,000 honey bees? But then there we were three weeks later, with the camera guys and the rest of the band watching as a bee expert ties the queen bee around my chin and proceeds to pour the rest on my face, like a bee shower." 

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