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Benji Lewis & TRACE get emotional on "Never Mine" [Premiere]

With his first US date on the books, Benji Lewis is ready to make 2018 his year. On the heels of his successful “Home For Now EP”, the Melbourne singer-songwriter unveils his latest release "Never Mine", written and produced during a recent trip to California. Featuring Los Angeles artist TRACE the pair create a downtempo minimal track with heavy focus on the emotionally laced, lyrical overtone. Like most inspirational moments, the single came at a moment when Benji looked to release pent up thoughts and emotions from a broken down relationship. “When I went into this session with TRACE and Michael Derenzo, I was in a pretty fragile state. It’s a song about realising the facts of a situation; that this person and this love isn’t what they lead you to believe. It’s about dealing with the relationship coming to end and all of the emotions that come with it,” Benji shares. 

While his relationship may have ended, the beginning of a new chapter awaits. Check out Benji and TRACE's new single above. 
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