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Zuma. releases celestial new single “Heaven” featuring Axel Mansoor

San Diego-based producer Zuma. returns to the forefront with his new single aptly titled "Heaven". He teams up with vocalist Axel Mansoor who comes through with a smooth, angelic vocal performance over the producer's atmospheric soundscape that exemplifies heaven in every sense of the word.

Zuma.’s combo of undulating synths and eclectic percussion sweetens Axel’s warm vocals,  enveloping listeners in waves of serenity. It’s a song about heaven on Earth, and like dipping your head in cool water, listeners might just re-emerge from such a spiritual experience refreshed and with the clarity to appreciate the nature that is all around them.

Both Zuma and Axel each provide an interesting insight into their thoughts regarding the creation of the song

“This track is kind of the culmination of all the inspirations that I’ve taken in from electronic music as of recently. As artists, I think we take in inspiration from other forms of work - borrowing concepts or certain motifs in sound from other artists and incorporating that into our own productions. But there’s a certain point down the road of working through these influences, where you finally come up with something that’s unique and your own - and as a budding producer, I feel like I’ve finally hit, or at least come close to that point with this track.”

  - Zuma.

“When I first heard the track the bird sounds were already in there and I loved the way it made me feel. I kept imagining being in this kind of secret garden and I wanted to write lyrics that reflected the sonic theme. Also, nature is very rad so any chance to write about that is one I'll take.”

- Axel Mansoor

Connect with  Zuma. :SoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Axel MansoorSoundCloud | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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