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Lavelle says to "Let It Simmer" in new video

Lavelle is a passionately prolific writer-producer-mixing engineer, currently based in Los Angeles. Originally from Rialto, California, he began his musical journey humbly, thanks to his cousin introducing him to FL Studio. Through his initial love of audio engineering and producing, Lavelle discovered and chose to focus on his passion for rapping. His love for writing and melody coincides with his ear following OutKast, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Chance The Rapper.

"Let It Simmer" masquerades as another moody hit, until you hear the undeniable bite and passion in Lavelle's delivery. His flow strikes the balance between personality, introspection, and aggressive momentum. Lavelle confronts the hypocrisy he sees in the culture and justice system: drug addiction, misogyny, and crooked cops. Nothing and no one is safe from his pen. With the description of the video reading "I hope this makes you uncomfortable," Lavelle sets himself apart as a rapper who is ready to pursue all truth, not just the narratives that benefit him.  

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