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Slum Sociable share the moody "A Hearing"

Slum Sociable have released their single "A Hearing." Hailing from Melbourne, Edward Quinn and Miller Upchurch have returned with fresh tunes, and they are eager to share their latest project. The duo, who got their name from the movie "Gangs of New York," are back and they have created a moody, reflective piece in "A Hearing." 

An official quote from the dyad says, "'A Hearing' was the hardest song to get right on the record. We originally wanted to release it as our first ever single, but couldn't make it sit as well as we wanted it over numerous recording sessions. While recording our album, producer Russell Fawcuss really pushed us to explore the post chorus in this track, which ended up being that missing link we were looking for for over three years."

Slum Sociable's self titled album is available for preorder right now. They are also gearing up to play a string of shows all over Australia next month. If you are in the area, do check out these guys live.

Connect with Slum Sociable: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud



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