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LA-based neo-R&B artist Saro debuts new single "Vapor" [Premiere]

Los Angeles based musician Saro is steadily gearing up to release his forthcoming sophomore EP. Today he drops "Vapor," and we're streaming it here first on EARMILK. "Vapor" comes as the 3rd single off his  'Boy Afraid' EP (up for pre-order now) due out on December 15th. Forging his own sonic palate, Saro moves towards a new wave of neo-R&B, laced with sophisticated electronic elements. Lyrically the track delves into the depths of a relationship fallout, as Saro croons “intangible to someone...you have changed state. And through their grasp slips the fog of you, leaving only traces of your memory.” On the heels of the previous singles “Eyelids” and "Sky Doesn't Blue," the overall thematic singles explore emotions and personal introspection. The new EP shows Saro's development as both a musician and a writer, focusing on his own self-actualization, bringing along with it both the good and the bad, which you can tell by his emotive lyrical content. Other than that, it's been a solid year for Saro, who debuted his live show earlier this year, played several dates in LA, Brooklyn’s Northside Festival (supporting Miguel), and has been on the lips of media and fans alike. We had a chance to chat with Saro alongside the debut of "Vapor" where he goes more in-depth into the music and single. Check out our Q&A below and be sure to show your support for "Vapor" by giving it a listen above. 

Hey Saro thanks for taking the time to let us get to know you a bit better. How's everything going in your world?
Hey, Earmilk. Thank you for having me! Aside from the current political climate, everything is going well in my world. I feel lucky to be alive and making music in this era of technology. You can do pretty much anything with this much knowledge at your fingertips.
Your music has been described as "forward-thinking R&B/electronic pop", could you tell us more about the style, direction, and inspiration behind your musical project?  
I’m a chameleon and a sponge, so my style is a blend of my many moods and influences. I grew up listening to every genre, but I always had a soft spot for pop and R&B. I also like to exude hopelessness in my music so I don’t have to in real life. That’s why my mind falls into a tornado of candy melodies with nihilistic lyrics when I write. My producer, David Burris, is a genius and IDM head, so he usually adds his electronic spin while I’m asleep on the studio couch. It’s like we can’t choose a genre, but I think it’s working out well for us.
You're on the way to debuting your forthcoming sophomore EP this December, what can we expect?
You can expect dark ambiguous lyrics, upbeat electronic production, and a lot of falsetto…maybe too much falsetto. The cherry on top is an interlude called “All Limbs” that was born from a poem I wrote about a year ago. I was really happy to squeeze it onto the project in the final hour.
"Vapor" is the latest single off the EP, could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?  
The premise of “Vapor” is to become intangible to someone--someone who was once able to hold you...maybe someone who lacks the ability to open up or provide vital emotional support, so they lose you. And one day when they reach out having realized that life without you isn’t life at all, it’s too late. You have changed state. And through their grasp slips the fog of you, leaving only traces of your memory.
What's next for 2018? 
Impeachment 2018! Haha... I’m thinking about doing a third visual EP after this one, definitely more musical and visual collaboration, and many performances (hopefully some overseas soon). The possibilities are endless, right? Thank you again for taking the time and thanks for premiering "Vapor"!


Tues, Dec 12 // Los Angeles, CA @ Resident (EP Release show)
Thurs, Dec 14 // Las Vegas, NV @ Beauty Bar
Fri, Dec 15 // Phoenix, AZ @ Valley Bar
Sun, Dec 17 // Houston, TX @ Day For Night Festival

Connect with Saro: Soundcloud|Twitter

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