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Dancing on Tables say "OH" [Video]

Dancing on Tables are a five-piece indie pop rock band, making all the right moves. Coming out of Dunfermline, a small town right outside of Edinburgh, Scotland, the whimsy and feeling of their music gives them a transnational appeal. The band formed in their last year of school, and consists of: Robbie McSkimming, Callum Thomas, Hamish Finlayson, Gregor Stobie, and Michael Waterworth. The myriad personalities help to bring an eclectic range of influences, creating thier infectious sound. Their dreamy melodies cascade down as searching harmonies scale the track, giving their music a wonderfully abstract soundscape.

"OH" will make you nostalgic for memories you never made. The instrumentation is simplistic, allowing each emotion to build and breathe while the vocals take your ear on a yearning journey. Dancing on Tables prove themselves to be masters of the unspoken and the earthy, all at once. "OH" thrives off its bare nature. Paired with a breathtaking and lighthearted visual, "OH," puts into sound what it means to be stricken by wanderlust.

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