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Eelke Kleijn delivers the goods on "8 Bit Era (The Balearic Mix)"

Eelke Kleijn just dropped a new eclectic single titled "8 Bit Era (The Balearic Mix)". With an off-kilter title, you bet your bottom dollar, you are in for a gripping ride into the mind of this eclectic electronic producer. 

Eelke Kleijn's doesn't clog your head with multiple layers of sounds or heavy jarring changes but instead crafts a simple, somewhat minimalistic but highly enthralling backdrop that is almost undeniable. He also takes elements from 80s disco to add that vintage vibe to the mix which was quite unexpected but works well if I do say so myself.

The Rotterdam-based Eelke has released two albums and an array of first class remixes for the likes of John Legend and originals including his single “Celebrate Life” that was hand-picked as BBC Radio 1’s‘Essential New Tune.’Sony to Eskimo Recordings to Suara have seen the young Dutchman’s vision in productions become world heard.Defying limitations as an electronic artist, his work as a Hollywood ‘soundtracker’ has been seen in Parker, The Crossing, Wrath of the Titans, This Means War and Ron Howard’s Rush trailer.Having also built a new studio last year, Eelke spent much of his time creating new music leading up to the launch of his new imprint DAYS like NIGHTS.

Connect with Eelke Kleijn: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram |Youtube |Spotify


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