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Betta Lemme is everything but your "Bambola" in debut single [Video Premiere]

This New York-based artist might be familiar to you after being featured in Sofi Tukker's 2016 single "Awoo", but Betta Lemme is finally ready to take the world by storm with the release of this latest single "Bambola". Check out EARMILK's exclusive premiere below:

"Bambola" displays Betta Lemme's ability to expertly lay down smooth and alluring vocals during the verse but still hit the listener with a sincere and slightly more intensified chorus that makes this track a serious dance banger. It has a Euro-dance undertone and vibe to it that makes her sound almost reminiscent of a female Stromae. For those who may not know Italian, Betta shared, "Bombala, means doll In Italian and the track serves as an anthem for anyone who has ever felt objectified or thrown to the side. It's meant for people that don't want to feel worthless and are ready to not stand for it anymore."

Solid pop music, like that of Abba or even Michael Jackson, is incredibly complex and needs to be strategic in its precise execution. The horn section would certainly get any Ibiza crowd jumping but Betta's profound delivery of the right emotion through each note at the right time is what really hooks you in. The singer shared, "When I was two, I started playing classical piano, I was unable to take lessons because I just couldn't read music notes. Rather, I would just listen to the sounds others would make and play it back."

Betta has also found success through a modelling career prior to entering the music world but stated, "When I  tried applying to collegiate music programs I was unfortunately denied because of this inability to read notes and so to kill time and deal with that rejection, I got into modeling which ultimately allowed me to travel and see the world." Thankfully, she never lost sight of the music, "I felt guilty for not making music anymore, so I ultimately moved to New York with the goal of dropping fashion to get back to what I love." 

"Bambola" is the first track off an upcoming 4-track EP coming out in 2018 with various singles being released at various times. They will mostly be very dance-driven tracks, which believe it or not is actually a new realm for Betta, who was raised being influenced by old world music having grown up in an Italian immigrant family back in her hometown of Montreal. "When I was living in New York, I needed to stop by a recording studio to pick up some apartment keys for a friend. While I was there, I met this funny tall boy named Tucker Halpern (half of Sofi Tukker) and The Knocks. I ended up jamming with them for more than four hours and it was the first time I was able to truly associate DJ/electronic music composition to that of classical and jazz music."

Don't sleep on this artist because Betta is armed and ready to keep cranking out more kick-ass tunes as she continues grinding away in the studio. She further explained, "I want to keep mixing classical harmonies with dance music. My goal is to utilize old string and brass instruments but then I'm also ready to put my Stromae pants on too."

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