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Amy Ayanda brings us back to the beginning in new EP 'Ab Ovo'

Amy Ayanda is a singer-songwriter and electronic musician emerging out of Cape Town, South Africa. There is no doubt that she won't be obscure for very long.

Her latest release, an EP called "Ab Ovo", is an accumulation of interesting instruments, clever lyricism and unexpected, haunting melodies. It is a distinct glimpse into Ayanda's soul, as she uses her powerful voice to ruminate on motherhood and death. "Ab Ovo" is a reflection "on the relationships shared with her mother and daughter, emphasiz[ing] the values of sisterhood and resilience." The EP flows together as if cut by an expert editor. Each track is electric and intoxicating, with a unique sound that was clearly crafted over a lifetime of studying music. The music, though electronic in nature, has an earthly quality in its varying forms that draws the listener inward. This is the kind of music that possesses its own centre of gravity and we're certainly not fighting against it. 

Connect with Amy Ayanda: Instagram | Soundcloud | Facebook

Alternative · Dreamwave · Electronic · Indie


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