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Yacht Punk dive into a nostalgia filled "Nightmare Pool"

A four-piece indie rock band of tinkerers, Yacht Punk brings the LA hustle to the DIY scene. Made up of Graham Bockmiller, Michael Pozzi (guitar), Graham’s roommate Tricky (drums, no discernible first or last name), and Justin Ricard (bass), the band took their to a host of producers before taking them back to LA where they were finished by Will Brierre (The Killers Hot Fuss). The tempered grandiosity of "Nightmare Pool" prove the boys to be much more than a Killers-lite.

"Nightmare Pool" captures nostalgia in a sunbathed light. With a video made up of of old family super-8 footage, and yearning guitars reminiscent of The Ataris' golden years. Yacht Punk confront youthful invincibility, and what it might mean to lose that untouchable feeling. Recalling romances that have frozen over and seeking shelter in a "California desert, in the shade," this song is an anthem for good times ahead as much as it is a sobering coming of age narrative.

Of the track, Bockmiller says: "It’s a memory of being with friends out in the middle of nowhere. Some of it you remember, some of it you don’t. Its about looking back on an experience from years ago, but times have changed and you’ll never be able to go back to that moment. I wanted the song to feel bittersweet, fleeting, and dream-like. Like going back to a place you know you can never fully relive."

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