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Hadassah exposes the "Pseudo" on new single [Premiere]

Brooklyn artist, Hadassah introduces us to her own unique brand of soul fused with jazz sensibilities. Her prowess is deliver an experiential story while fusing jazz, soul, and R&B on a minimalist backdrop. Her latest effort is a mellow, somewhat sombre track titled "Pseudo" which really encapsulate her vocal prowess under three minutes. Soothing yet mind gripping, "Pseudo" is a solid blend of jazzy and left field elements.

 After completing a Bachelor’s degree, she chose to return to her passions and commit to music entirely, releasing two EPs, 'Lexicon of Love', and 'Lead Balloon'. Following her mother’s death, she delved deeper into her art and released her latest EP, 'Oakmere Drive', earlier this year. The EP is laced with nostalgic undertones, combining dark stories with beautiful musical aesthetics and imagery. True to her artistry, 'Oakmere Drive' is a play with duality, of light and dark, balancing heavy themes with minimalist vibes paralleled with a muted melancholic rhythm.
Hadassah was recently asked to audition for The Four, which is an upcoming FOX TV singing competition that will be an answer to The Voice but in the mean time  "Pseudo" will be  the lead single from her new EP 'Flexinmydemons'.  

A naturally gifted writer and deep thinker, she gives us a glimpse into the science behind her craft below

“I think it as important as a sunrise and a sunset each day that we listen to our hearts before we listen to what others believe is for us. So here I am, Hadassah, a 22-year old wanderer, who is not lost. This is where I come to cleanse, to heal myself and head back out for voyage. Too long I spent worried about what others thought. I learned that I can be my worst enemy when I allow my mind to be vulnerable to doubts, cants, and fears of my gifts. This music for me is my purge.” Hadassah


Alternative R&B · R&B · Soul · Soul-Hop


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