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So Loki's new visual for "Bet" is the product of an iPhone 7

With the continued amazing camera quality in each new generation of iPhones, we will probably see more and more music videos being shot with them. I mean why not? We are living in a DIY culture and sometimes the best person to execute your creative vision is yourself.

So Loki did just that. The Vancouver duo consisting of Sam Lucia and Natura decided to capture a three-day adventure throughout parts of BC with an iPhone 7 and turn it into a music video for two tracks off their most recent project titled Shine.

The first part of the visual is set to a cut from their project called "Bet". From the production to the visual aesthetics, this particular portion of the visual is right in line with the Halloween vibes. A little less than halfway through the video, we are introduced to another track from Shine called "Clout God/Trendall Jenner". It's a complete switch up from the bass knocking, horror-filmesque "Bet". The track itself gives Kid Cudi vibes and the visuals show more of the lush green views you'd expect to see in BC.

So Loki created a visual that spoke to their eclectic style, and I am sure we can expect to see more visuals soon that continue to showcase it. Be sure to check out their new project Shine!

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