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Night Lovell drops new video and single "Jamie's Sin"

Canada's own Night Lovell brings us a video for his new single "Jamie's Sin".  This video is Night's introduction to a new appearance, while still bringing in the same dark music that the quickly rising underground rapper is known for. This independent artist has experienced huge success on the internet with his videos for "Dark Light" and "Contraband" amassing 12 million and 6 million views respectively. "Jamie's Sin" is produced by seasoned, Cian P, who has produced for much of raps new underground.

The video is split into two chapters, the first mostly immobile, while the second he reveals the loss of dreads he has been rocking for some time. For the duration of the video, Night doesn't break eye contact with the ground until the outro, where he possesses a thousand yard stare until he pulls out a gun and holds it to his head as the video cuts to black. The lifeless aesthetic and dreary tone add to make a great late fall release. Watch this video and look out for Night Lovell to continue to penetrate the hip-hop marketplace. 

Connect to Night Lovell: Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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