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Quiet Friend shares news of debut album with skittering single "Safe"

Nick Zanca made a name for himself performing expressive IDM and electronic music as Mister Lies in the early 2010's, built off the back of the Joni Mitchell-sampling track "False Astronomy". Culminating in his Sophomore record, Shadow, released on Foxes In Fiction's Orchid Tapes in 2014, we hadn't heard any news from the Mister Lies name in quite a while. Today we learn that Zanca has seemingly moved on from the project, now focused on putting music out under the moniker Quiet Friend, a role he now shares with collaborators Alex Thompson and Steven Rogers. Quiet Friend still operates mostly in the realm of synth pop, as debut single "Safe" is infused with busy, glitched out drums and intricate 80's chords. Zanca's vocals also take on a more central role, more emotional and bold than previously heard before on any Mister Lies track. The track breaks off in the tail end into a gorgeous, sweeping ambient passage filled with touches of strings and swaths of atmosphere. It's a tantalizing teaser for things to come.

Quiet Friend will be releasing their self-titled debut album via Elestial Sound on March 9th, 2018. In the meantime, you can purchase "Safe" here.

Connect with Quiet Friend: Facebook | Bandcamp | Instagram

Dreamwave · Electronic · IDM · Synth Pop


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