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Samsa is the "Tinder Samurai"

Samsa is a New York City raised poet, writer, and rapper who fuses spoken word elements with the grit of hip-hop to color his off the wall topics. "Tinder Samurai" is a staple Samsa track, capturing his wit and charm and delivering them with a tightly woven flow. He is a member of the hip-hop collective and music label Off The Jump. Samsa's lax delivery gives the track a very earthy feel, closer to a conversation with your buddy over coffee. It's a lazy Sunday track if there ever was one.

The track comes with an animated music video that's just as endearing. Samsa's flow is charismatic in how tender it is, in how easy and human he sounds. Th video captures his lovable underdog persona as he slays a dragon between Tinder swipes. Samsa may keep his identity hidden behind a chibi midas head, but Samsa's music remains instantly recognizable and infectious. 

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