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Caleon Fox is "Semi Cinematic"

Oakland rapper-singer-super hero Caleon Fox is running the single and visual game on Youtube. Produced by BeatsbyMantra, "Semi Cinematic" is yet another viral hit in the making, combining cheeky California word-play with a sunny and soulful beat. Fox' natural cadence has a nice grainy texture, emphasized when he adds a handful of endearing inflections to his bars ala Lil Wayne. Deadpan punchline delivery is offset by a spirited pre-chorus. Once Fox begins to sing, we really get the full scope of his artistry. Every note has some bite to it, while still coming across warm and enveloping. Think: ginger snap cookies in the form of bridge. 

The video places Fox in front of and behind the camera, poking fun at standard music video tropes. This is the new conscious rap, where self-aware comedy is the best way for your fans to get to know your personality. More than a viral rapper, "Semi Cinematic" reveals Caleon Fox to be a focused artist and exciting new talent. 

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