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Ori Dagan delivers jazz goodness with "Sting Of The Cactus"

Award-winning jazz singer, songwriter and recording artist Ori Dagan is taking jazz in a new and visual direction. His latest record, Nathaniel: A Tribute to Nat King Cole, is the first visual album in the jazz genre. Each video features a variety of artist mediums, from stop motion, to claymation, to a felt jazz outfit. The rich mahogany timbre of his voice pairs well with his tongue-in-cheek lyricism, and makes him the most personable modern jazz singer. Equally as engaging in live performance, he surrounds himself with Canada’s finest musicians, performing an engaging mix of material which is always fresh and in the moment.

"Sting Of The Cactus" is built on the back of a speedy walking bass and a driving piano line. Dagan's spirited scat singing falls in line with the bright, pale energy of the song. Backed by a score of felt musicians, Dagan brings a lively, springtime energy to a genre that's become more of a reference point than its own work of art.   

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