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Campana puts in work and stays "Down to Earth" in new video

However cliched it may sound, we can all agree that dope music is dope music regardless. I have never heard of this rapper Campana till now and the first thing that hit me was the intensity of his flow and self-reflective lyrics. On his new song "Down To Earth" he explains '''Dad locked up, it's been years since I saw him, I'm taking in all my problems got a better way to solve 'em, n*ggas thinking I just started but got things  that I accomplished..."  Far from being stuck in his pain and grief, he uses them to propel himself in achieving his dreams.

 Teaming up with producer JAGA, who builds a somber, hard-hitting trap backdrop for the rapper, Campana delivers a bouncy yet gripping song about his personal struggles. The visuals shot by and edited by videographer Sam Cahill takes on a semi-gloomy cinematic aesthetic. At one point, Campana is kicking bars on the streets and the next he is buried in the ground- talk about literally keeping it down to Earth.

Seattle based act, Campana presents music that is quite peculiar to the typical "hip-hop" style due to influential backgrounds from a wide arrange of genres. Campana's lyrics are introspective and conscious; spreading awareness of things existing within the present moment


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