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Crash Land's latest will put you in a 'Time Warp' to the future

When this new single from Crash Land came soaring into my inbox, I knew I had to share the love with everyone here at Earmilk. His new single, "Time Warp" was just released on the highly sought after STMPD RCRDS as its label boss is, the, Martin Garrix. As you will hear, this is nothing you would expect big room superstar Garrix to support, but he truly shows his great taste in music with this latest backing. With its signing of Crash Land there is a strong desire for the label to support different musical genres and offer a diverse array of music through its imprint.

Rapper, Crash Land, showcases his hip hop prowess on this new single with retro instrumentation and catchy word play. Describing what many of us have experienced, a blast into the future after a long night of partying, not knowing how one ended up in said future. I highly suggest hopping on the Crash Land train because with a Martin Garrix co-sign, there is no telling where it'll stop. 


Connect with Crash Land: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Spotify

Experimental · Hip-Hop · Main Stage


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