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Beat The System team up with DJ Riddler on remix of "Be Your Own"

The 4-man group known as Beat The System's inspiring new single "Be Your Own" makes for a brilliant listen for anyone down in the dumps.  After teaming up with award winning producer Andy Anderson on the original, the quartet have now recruited top disc jockey DJ Riddler for a remix. This version is highly enthralling, with lush keys, cinematic progression, and of course May Leigh's powerful vocal performance

Beat The System is a Malaysian/American pop rock band comprised of lead singer May Leigh, lead guitarist Stewart Sellan, drummer/songwriter Gerald, and songwriter Adrian Puan. Together the band is currently working on a 12-track project which will see the light of day sometime in the near future.


Connect with  Beat The System: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Deep House · Experimental · Techno


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