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Listen to The Ballroom Thieves' indie folk gem "Only Lonely"

The Ballroom Thieves are a three-piece folk outfit consisting of members Martin Earley, Calin Peters, and Devin Mauch. The Boston group have released their latest single, called "Only Lonely". Filled with warm acoustics and harmonies, singer Calin Peters says of the track:

This happy sounding song is a collection of words from the pessimistic, parallel version of myself. She is a bleak force who might allow me to see the entire color spectrum but often abandons me in the darkest hues. This is a brief moment of surrender to the strife of consciousness.

After their last full-length album Deadeye, "Only Lonely" builds on the group's soft and catchy indie folk ballad formula and serves as a beautiful musing on the hardships that come with uprooting your life for the road. 

Connect with Ballroom Thieves: Twitter | Spotify | Website

Acoustic · Folk · Folk Rock · Indie


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