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PRXZ releases insightful EP "love wounds"

Emerging beatmaker and producer PRXZ, who has worked closely with rapper XXXTENTACION, has built a notable following on Soundcloud over the past few months. His sound flows far across the musical spectrum, varying between intensely distorted trap beats and more recently, sincere and emotional lo-fi instrumentals. Regardless of what type of music he releases, it’s always apparent that PRXZ uses his work to express his present feelings. His most recent project exemplifies this intriguing creative process.

love wounds is downcast, despairing, and melodically ravishing. As heard in XXX’s debut album 17, Shiloh Dynasty samples contribute to each track on the project, providing intimate, melancholy sound tones. Each track is captivating; merging slick, well-programmed percussion with free-flowing raw vocal and guitar samples. “love is more depressing than depression” and “cigarettes & sex” caught my ears immediately, and each track is as relentlessly honest as the next. The EP provokes imminent contemplation of love in a soothing, tranquil manner.

It’s clear PRXZ opened up on this project, providing an authentic timbre that is inherently invigorating for curious listeners. love wounds is a profound EP which demonstrates the importance of an artist’s honesty in their creative process. The EP is available on Soundcloud now.

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Chill Trap · Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Lo-Fi


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