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Step inside the wonderful world of J'von with 'Yellow Suit'

On his latest album Yellow Suit, Seattle resident J’von drops a charming, sweet and skillful collection of songs about love and relationships.

Written, produced, mixed and mastered by the man himself, Yellow Suit is a lo-fi love letter that will warm your heart and soul like the first day of Spring. From the opening track, “Crazy Girl” to closer “Grey Beanie,” J’von dances over sunny self-produced beats while spitting some of the fiercest verses this year. Seriously though, this dude’s wordplay is mind-blowing. There isn’t another rapper out there who can string together clever lines like “of course this shit is kid’s play, I’m in my element to re-up like 4th grade to 5th grade” or “noticed how I’m focused on ya? Do your body like a drum, girl, pa rum pum pum pum, girl.” The man is onomatopoetic.

At only six songs, Yellow Suit is short but sweet, with emphasis on sweet. Whether he’s comparing his lady’s scent to churros or exclaiming he’ll go to a party but would prefer to just go out to eat instead, Yellow Suit feels real. These aren’t relationship platitudes recycled over and over, but rather actual lived in situations that feel genuine.

If you’re looking for some dope new music, your search can end here. Press play on Yellow Suit above and be sure to stay locked right here on EARMILK for all things J’von.

Connect with J’von: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter



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