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Nai Palm reimagines her favorites tracks in new album 'Needle Paw'

As the frontwoman of Australian neo-soul outfit Hiatus KaiyoteNai Palm has nestled herself comfortably in the public eye due to her ingenuity in songwriting and musicianship. A self-taught artist in numerous disciplines, her songs have always barreled down an experimental pathway that showcases variety and a pure desire to challenge listeners as much as entertain them. Following the release of Hiatus Kaiyote's Grammy-nominated Choose Your WeaponNai Palm has returned with a tour and a new album, Needle Paw.

Needle Paw features acoustic covers of Haitus Kaiyote fan favorites, a couple of covers,  and new additions from Nai Palm's personal songbook.  It's an album that's equally enticing to fans and newcomers of her work- for those who are unfamiliar to her work, the minimal instrumentation smattered with vocal arrangements provides a look at the intricacies of her songwriting while showcasing her talents at reimagining the work of others.

Needle Paw is out now. Listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud.

Connect with Nai Palm: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

Neo-Soul · R&B


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