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okay(K) experiences déjà vu on his new single "clementine(s)"

okay(K) presents his newest produce in the form of the laid back single titled "clementine(s) ". The trippy sound okay(K) crafts is a fusion of neo-soul, hip-hop and jazz-influenced sounds. His unique delivery and performance are equally engaging as he sings with a carefree flow steeped with melodic nuances. As he explains "clementine(s) " is based on how humans go through life in a linear fashion and within is some sort of cyclical dynamism we often experience similar to déjà vu.

okay(K) is a multi-genre solo artist whose genre ranges from hip-hop/rap to r&b/soul to Alternative. Even though okay(K) has many influences from Kanye to Chance to Raury he feels as though he is following a different path while creating his own unique/different style. 

Connect with okay(K): SoundcloudTwitter

Alternative · Neo-Soul · New Wave · R&B · Rap


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