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VOWED makes warm, groovy deep house with vocalist Elle Ray on "Let Me "

The Panther's Deep collective issued this brilliant song "Let Me" by producer VOWED and Canadian vocalist Elle Ray. The song is an exemplary deep house jam that is both warm and groovy. VOWED stays true to the genre with melodic pads, catchy plucks and enthralling archs while vocalist Elle Ray takes the track to a higher plateau with her angelic vocal performance.

VOWED is a Parisian musician, producer, and DJ. Having played guitar, piano, and drums since the young age of nine and picking up his first DAW in 2011, he has been honing his skills in electronic music production. He states that he tries not to make music in one specific genre but rather goes with his gut feeling of what sounds good to the ears. 

Here is a link for a free download/Spotify stream gate: HERE

Connect with VOWED: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Elle Ray: Soundcloud | Facebook | Instagram

Connect with Panther's Deep: Soundcloud | Facebook 

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