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Lucas Oswald delivers new single "I Believe In Trying"

 Austin-based musician Lucas Oswald delivers the deeply personal "I Believe In Trying" ahead of his upcoming album, Whet, out November 24th via Cosmic Dreamer Music. "I Believe In Trying" is as ghostly and nomadic as Oswald's own lifestyle. The track is as confessional, nervous, and searching, as it is reassuring and a moment overcoming for Oswald. The instrumentation builds an astral soundscape meant to soothe and provoke the listener into a moment of introspection. Some of the more experimental effects on the tracks sound like Oswald's deepest fears realized, with the tender guitar playing acting as a moment of confrontation and perseverance.

Grappling with mental health issues, Oswald says "I always liked the phrase whet your appetite.' So much of being an artist with compulsion problems, is this need to constantly whet a certain appetite. I love the definition of whet: ‘a thing that stimulates appetite or desire.’ When you’re depressed, there’s such a lack of that. So I liked the idea of the album being my own cathartic creation that would stimulate my own desire again."

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