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The Tin Can Collective introduce us to "Polly Anna" with a video [Premiere]

New York band The Tin Can Collective saw the release of their album Skeletown just last Friday and today the group unveils their latest piece of art with a visual for "Polly Anna". Included on last week's Under the Crust playlist, "Polly Anna" is a standout cut from the record about a strong woman who holds up fairly well, with or without the help of others. It's heavy on the alternative 90's nostalgia.

The music video casts their own Polly Anna in a silly little horror-esque visual. Per the band:

The album has a lot of heavy, emotional, themes so for the music video we wanted to make something that was fun. We knew the album was coming out in time for Halloween so we were kind of thinking of an 80's slasher film or a haunted house for the premise. Directed/Producer Terrance O'Kane and Editor/Producer Matt Elias totally got what we were looking for and did a great job, not only on the more technical aspects but were a big part of the creative process.

Peep the song up above and check out the self-released Skeletown, streaming now digitally, and peep the video for "Polly Anna" up above.

Connect with The Tin Can Collective: Facebook | Bandcamp

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