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Crystal Fighters's "Yellow Sun" gets a new look from Benny Benassi

Earlier this month - really, just last week - Crystal Fighters released their latest single, "Yellow Sun." The latest single off of the group's 2016 album release, Everything Is My Family, their first since 2013, the track wields a freedom reminiscent of the free love era of the 1960's. Today, that alternative track has been transformed and pushed through its boundaries by a house legend doing what he does best. Benny Benassi has a history of remixing indie and pop tracks - namely his work on Florence + The Machine's "Shake It Out," Katy Perry's "ET" and Fischerspooner's "Never Win" - and it shows here. Benassi's beat is alluring here, and its breakdown even moreso. While Crystal Fighters's vocals and message is still there, this one is win for house music remixers everywhere.

Connect with Benny Benassi: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter
Connect with Crystal Fighters: SoundCloud Facebook | Twitter


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